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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tooth Meditation Basics For Computer Work -- Part One

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Summer 2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner For Health

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Yoga unites the three treasures of Tai Chi -- Beauty, Love, Spirit -- however, joining the upper and lower teeth is the simplest path to understanding.

White Teeth Award
Jamie Oliver, the British interloper who has decided to save America from its gluttonous self leads a campaign against childhood obesity and culinary illiteracy. That campaign took a giant stride when, after frenetic lobbying and endless tweeting, Oliver and his growing band of “food revolutionaries” convinced the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest in the nation, to banish the liquid candy that has masqueraded under the name “flavored milk.” To those who would say that chocolate milk is quintessentially American one can only respond: so are obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. To ignore the link is to invite an early death.

Black Tongue Award
Johnson & Johnson toothbrush whitening claims are under scrutiny as false advertising. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus has recommended that Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products modify performance claims for its REACH Total Care + Whitening Toothbrush to clarify that the brush whitens teeth through the abrasive action, rather than through bleaching.

Tooth Meditation Basics For Computer Work

If you are new to Tooth Meditation then some of my past blog topics might have been difficult to understand and follow. Today I would like to touch upon some easy-to-do basic elements which are thoroughly discussed in my book Yin Ain't Yang and can be practiced right in front of your computer.

If longevity is one of your goals then Tooth Meditation might be for you. It all begins with a simple question: Do you believe that searching for enlightenment is like climbing a mountain? 

If you want to be enlightened on your quest for longevity then you had better pick your mountain carefully. The extreme exercise and process of climbing Mt. Everest to it's peek or its opposite competitive free-diving into the deep sea might enlighten you but it can also kill you or at least reduce your life expectancy if attempted too many times.

For longevity, I wouldn't spend too much time at the extreme intensity side of living. A rule of thumb is if you can't have and enjoy safe sex at your point in time then you could be cutting short your lifespan. Having sex to propagate the human race is hard-wired into our DNA and anything that interferes with this function will likely reduce your lifespan if not bring us to extinction.

Humans don't have sex in trees because it's too dangerous. Your family tree would be pretty short if your great grandparents had spent much time on a limb and you might never had been born. If you're in a safe environment and can adjust your mind to relax into love then the space is ripe to promote longevity. Extreme intense exercise isn't the right space for longevity and if repeated on a regular basis your lifespan will probably suffer.

You get the drift...which is why I recommend incorporating periodic sessions of Tooth Meditation into your fitness workouts.

My understanding is that fitness scientists are more interested in researching extreme intense competitive performance based exercise rather than exercise for longevity because that's where the money is. Who wouldn't want to perform at a higher level to win in today's competitive environment? That's why I decided to ignore some of what is being promoted as today's best exercise for longevity. Too much of it seems fixated on competition and winning, as if you can accumulate enough points to win 120 years.

When you exercise for longevity ask yourself, "am I spending too much time balancing on a tree limb trying to improve my performance and one-up a win against my fellow athletes or am I really exercising for longevity?" Consider Tooth Meditation and apply it to your fitness routine for a more reasonable approach to exercise for a longer healthy life. My mantra is it's ok to occasionally "visit" the peek and depth of earth's wonders but a longer life comes from regular smarter exercise.

You can learn more in the book Yin Ain't Yang, The Ancient Way To Better Health.
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For more information on teeth meditation exercise visit the Teeth Sensei at: www.tooth-fight.com
Disclaimer: The material (including without limitation, advice and recommendation) in this article is provided solely as a general educational and informational purpose. It is neither medical nor healthcare advice for any individual problem. It is also not intended to be used for medical treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers regarding your particular situation.

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Summer 2012 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner For Poetry

"Even Frank Sinatra would be hard put to rival Sawicki when it comes to thoughts on lips and all they speak of. What he offers here is a company of quick reflections on lips and smiles and their many moods."-- Kirkus Indie

    Right-To-Die Tattoo On 81 Year Old Grandma
    A grandmother who wants doctors to let her die if she falls ill has had 'Do Not Resuscitate' tattooed across her chest - and 'PTO' on her back. Joy Tomkins, 81, decided she did not want to be brought back to life in a medical emergency following the slow death of her husband Malcolm.

    Ukraine Beer Bath Works Miracles At Spa
    According to promotional materials, immersing oneself in beer helps the kidneys, and aids digestion. The yeast bacteria in the swill rejuvenates the skin and calms the body. The natural springs located here have long been popular for their reputed healing powers, and were a playground for the local aristocracy before the Soviet era.

    Chief doctor Vasil Martynyuk, who has worked at the sanatorium since it opened, claims that post-procedural tests show that the majority of visitors show tangible results. Everyone assures you that they sensed an improvement in their health, whatever treatment they had chosen. According to Martynyuk, more than 90 percent of the patients are return clients.

    Beer drinking man 2011 09 08
    Getty Images

    Green Tea Remarkable Benefits
    Green tea works to prevent tumors from developing the blood vessels they need to survive. It has also been shown to inhibit metastasis. And it is the first known natural telomerase inhibitor. That is to say, it eliminates the "immortality" of cancer cells which is their trademark and which makes them so deadly. Green tea is particularly effective in destroying the causes of leukemia, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.

    And the benefits of green tea don't stop there. It has also been shown to be effective in regulating blood sugar, reducing triglycerides, and in reversing the ravages of heart disease. (Incidentally, the Japanese, who drink large amounts of green tea, have some of the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease in the world.)

    Green tea seems to be able to almost totally prevent cancer causing DNA damage in smokers -- a possible explanation as to why the Japanese, who are among the world's heaviest smokers, have such a low incidence of lung cancer. And finally, green tea has great benefits for the brain as well, serving as an effective MAO inhibitor, protecting against brain-cell death from glucose oxidase, over-production of nitric oxide, and lowering the amount of free iron reaching the brain (a bad thing). The net result is that there are strong indications that green tea extract may play a major role in protecting against both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Daily Health Tip Image

    A pioneering new non-surgical technique, which promises to not only give you a perfect set of teeth, but also restructure the face to make it look up to ten years younger, has been dubbed as the ‘Dental Facelift’ in the U.S.

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